The Bathroom Fit

The Bathroom Fit could be a perfect choice if you're considering having your Bathroom Modified in anyway. We really care about your job, we will strive to get you the best results and most importantly we are thorough with our work and reliable.

We can undertake many jobs around the home but we specialise in Full Bathroom Installation. We can work with all sorts of budgets and specifications. We finely plan every detail for you.

It is our passion to give you the bathroom of your dreams

See below Slideshow for recent before & after installations

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Enquiry & Booking Process

Hopefully you are now becoming interested about enquiring. We have made a simple list below as a step by step guide. This guide is tried and tested and is the ideal way to get seamlessly through an installation from Survey to using your new Bathroom - Our average lead time time from enquiry to completion is usually approximately 10 weeks, this can fluctuate either way - All we ask is to be realistic and our bathroom installation specs are rarely basic

  • Contact us now! Get in touch however you like. Please have your Name, Address, Contact Details and a small job description ready. Leave a message if the call goes through to voicemail. We will always get back to you within 24hrs if you have given us all the above information
Call us on 0800 1070 925
Tx SMS us on 07854 399 555
Email us on
Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page
  • Area & Coverage - We generally will work within a 10-15mile radius of Aldridge, Walsall, West midlands. We cover most towns and villages of Aldridge, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield, Cannock, Rugeley, Wolverhampton (East & South), Walsall, Kingstanding, Wednesbury, Tipton, Olbury, West Bromwich, Coseley, and Dudley (North), However we no longer cover Birmingham City Centre
  • Survey Arrangement -  On Average we can usually undertake 5-8 surveys per week. Once you have left us your full details we try to plan and get your survey arranged the following working week. This depends on the area we are trying to attend on a particular evening. We generally undertake surveys 4:00pm - 8:30pm most weekday evenings, it usually take 30mins to survey the works thoroughly. The more flexible your availability is the sooner we can get out to you. We take down all dimensions and requests of the proposed works, and leave you with our leading brochure and our business review material.
  • Quotes - All quotes are fully itemized per sanitary item and there is always a clear breakdown of all labour prices per trade. Quotes are valid for 30days. We aim to get your quote sent over by email with 2 weeks. Logistically a firm either way answer at your earliest possibility works best for all parties.
  • Price - Initially after listening to your requests we come up with a standard specification quote. This is usually on medium quality suite and tiles to suit your needs. We offer many options and upgrades for all parts of the bathroom. As long as its possible we will strive to get you your perfect exact design
Our average bathroom price fully supplied and fitted is approx £4,000. Obviously we have done projects much more & less expensive. There are many big companies out there who could charge you much more for the same thing to feed the shareholders a cut. They will be professional and have a known brand but they may lack that bit of caring customer service. Vice versa there are a few tradesmen (some rogue) who will always do it cheaper. Will you want them when they only have little-no knowledge outside of basic projects and can you trust these with no references. 

We provide that perfect hybrid as a company. 100% professional, a growing brand awareness across the West Midlands. Solid references of all project specifications all through our review & report website
We not the cheapest our there, but we are not dearest by and we provide fair thorough service from survey to completion

Booking & Schedule

If you have accepted the initial price of a quote we usually arrange to come out to see you and discuss any queries or questions you may have. We go over any changes and possible upgrades to suites and tiles.
Once all these options have been agreed we will then build a schedule to suit start dates, payment dates and amounts.
  • Usually a very small booking deposit at your earliest convenience to guarantee you week commencing start date.
  • Then approximately a 35-40% Sanitary & Tile deposit 2-3 weeks before start date to suite the purchasing of all sanitary and tiles plus building materials.
  • Most our full installations are 7-10 business days, We ask for a part payment after the first week to pay out any sub-contracting labour.
  • And Finally the completion balance payment to be made once you are 100% fully satisfied with the workmanship, courtesy, tidiness and service provided

Generic work plan

This list is a very generic plan to how we expect the progress of your job to go.
  • Prestart - Day 1 > Sanitary Delivered, Tiles Delivered, Skip Delivered. Final plans made with customers about work hours, keys & entrance to the property.
  • Day 1 > Suite removal, Tile removal, Loose plaster removal, Capping off services, Removal of any unwanted structure.
  • Day 2 > New services positions, Initial plaster patching or boarding.
  • Day 3 > New Waste positions, finish plastering coats.
  • Day 4 > Shower tray and/or bath installation, Wall coverings set out.
  • Day 5 > Start Wall covering installation, Floor covering installation.
  • Day 6 > Mid point Wall Coverings.
  • Day 7 > Finalise Wall coverings, Wall & Floor Grouts & seals, Bond coating painting, caulking & sanding.
  • Day 8 > Installation of final Sanitary items.
  • Day 9 > Final coat of bonding paint, Final accessories, Final Sealents
  • Day 10 > Tidy down property of all sign of works. Skip Collection, Sort any final remedials.
Please see below a slide show of job progress start to finish
Many Thanks for reading through our web page. Hopefully we will hear from you soon

Finally the link below will divert you to download our latest brochure as PDF file. If we were to supply your bathroom items you usually get around 30% off brochure price